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We Cared About Your RecoveryDetox Centers Winston Salem provides a secure and medically supervised environment for those that wish to take step one toward recovery. Detoxification, or detox, is a procedure that cleanses drugs and harmful substances from the body. Detox alone isn’t treatment. Detox requirements vary from individual to individual, and many times the “cold turkey” method is not appropriate or safe. Because detox processes are different for each and every addiction, Detox Winston Salem utilizes safe and medically-certified strategies, offering a custom designed process for every client. For any questions, or to talk with a detox specialist, call Detox Winston Salem at 336-283-3343 now!

Varieties of Detox

There are two kinds of detox: medically supervised withdrawal and social detoxification. Health care specialists will decide on one or the other depending on the type of substance being used, the specific circumstances of the client (like age, length of use, psychological state, and physical well-being), and the most beneficial environment for the addict. Medically supervised withdrawal is generally recommended people who have been hooked on alcohol, pain medications (prescription or pharmaceutical), barbiturates or sedatives, or opioids (heroin, OxyContin7, codeine). These drugs generally have very nasty, unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, many of which can be mitigated by specific detox medications that may only be prescribed by a medical doctor. People who use drugs alongside alcohol, or who’ve been affected by severe alcoholism, are also directed to undergo medically supervised withdrawal. Withdrawing abruptly from alcohol can cause hallucinations or seizures, and complicate existing physical and mental conditions. These effects can be mitigated by the use of certain medications used at medically supervised detox centers. In addition, anyone who has already experienced hallucinations or seizures, has a severe sickness, or has been diagnosed with certain psychological diseases, requires medically supervised withdrawal in order to properly wean themselves from drugs or alcohol.

Social detoxification is better suited for people whose drug abuse will only cause mild withdrawal symptoms, such as marijuana, cocaine, or methamphetamine, or who haven’t been habitual abusers of opioids or alcohol. This type of detox usually doesn’t require medication, however clients are supervised by medical staff and therapists who monitor the clients’ health and condition closely, and support the client through the cravings of withdrawal. Social detoxification requires that clients live together in a “social” setting, and are not quarantined in hospital-like rooms as they detox. This model of detox prepares people for a treatment program where they’ll be living together with and working alongside other people in recovery.

Detox Winston Salem, NC’s Methods

Detox Winston Salem understands that different kinds of substances can create different withdrawal symptoms, which is why it is vital to participate in a detox program that takes this into consideration. Depressants, including barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and alcohol, may result in hallucinations, tremors, seizures, and increased blood pressure, heart rate, and internal temperature, so withdrawal from these substances should be gradual. In contrast, stimulants (amphetamines, methamphetamine, cocaine, and Ritalin) do not generally require more than emotional support from family, loved ones, and counselors. However, sometimes a person may develop stimulant psychosis and require medication to avoid suicidal feelings, suicide attempts, and paranoia. Withdrawal symptoms from opiates (such as heroin, morphine, codeine, and OxyContin) range from runny nose, sweating, anxiety, and depression, to quickening pulse and breathing, bone and muscle pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. The most dangerous withdrawal symptoms might require the use of artificial opiates, however these must be utilized sparingly because they can lead to dependency.

Taking the First Step

For many people, detox is the most important first step towards recovering from substance abuse, but it is ONLY a first step, and isn’t meant to replace a treatment program. Unlike many other detox facilities, Detox Winston Salem gives support through and after the detox process because they understand how simple it is to relapse after getting clean. If utilized in tandem with rehabilitation and other drug and alcohol therapy methods, Detox Winston Salem can be an effective first step to full recovery from substance abuse. An addict’s best chance for complete recovery is to follow detox by immediately entering a rehab program, like Addiction Treatment Winston Salem. Call Detox Winston Salem’s professional recovery specialists at 336-283-3343 for additional details about detox, rehabilitation and treatment, or detox and treatment centers.